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Yelena Epova, CPA

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Worldwide Tax Planning for Multinational Businesses

Conducting business around the globe can give your company incredible opportunities to grow, but it also creates a greater need for effective financial oversight. Operating a multinational business can lead to a variety of financial concerns, from maintaining global tax compliance and understanding foreign exchange controls to minimizing tax burdens and improving internal cash flow. No matter how complex the international economic landscape may seem, there's no need for your company to navigate these matters alone.

Aprio provides the tax, accounting, and advisory services your organization needs for efficient international growth. Whether you manage a multinational organization with offices in several countries, a United States-based business with sales around the world, or a company with inbound sales and investment into the U.S., our advisors guide you through each step of the worldwide tax planning process. No matter your industry, our advisors strive to ensure your company achieves the lowest global effective rate to support profitable growth.

Our experienced advisors work with clients in more than 40 countries around the world and speak your language, too. Our advisory team speaks more than 25 languages, making communication accurate and effective no matter where your company does business.

Discover how Aprio's knowledgeable worldwide tax specialists can help your multinational company lower costs and optimize earnings. Learn how our global tax services can help your business succeed and find out how to begin working with our experienced international tax advisory team.

Aprio’s global tax services and planning expertise

At Aprio, we know that every business has unique tax-related goals and challenges. Naturally, your company's location, industry, size, and other key factors affect the tax matters you face and the objectives you seek to achieve. Aprio’s global accounting services provide a personalized approach that focuses on unique needs of your business. From reviewing the tax implications of intercompany loans, license agreements and royalty agreements, to calculating foreign tax credit computations, earnings and profits, we provide the global tax planning expertise you need.

When our tax advisory team begins working with your company, we strive to get the big picture before delving into the details. For multinational companies based in the U.S., we start by reviewing the overall organizational structure before taking a closer look at the operations in each jurisdiction. As we analyze global and local aspects, we consider the impact of your tax strategy and assess its efficiency. As our advisors review federal, state, and local taxes, we consider the impact that each has on the subsidiary entity as well as the effect on the federal and state income tax footprint.

Our global tax advisory services don't end with analyzing U.S.-based taxes. With intercompany transactions making up roughly 33 percent of all the world's trade, transfer pricing, has become one of the biggest tax planning challenges multinational corporations face today. As global companies continue to search for ways to increase profitability, many look to minimize their overall tax liability by operating in countries with lower tax rates. To mitigate the loss of tax revenue, these countries introduce transfer price adjustments. If a company restructures its worldwide operations without considering these variables, they could face significant penalties and double taxation.

As leader in transfer pricing planning and documentation, Aprio can help your company manage international operations with minimal exposure to penalties and other consequences related to intercompany transactions and issues concerning tax jurisdictions. Our international tax advisors will work with you to ensure your company’s internal trading is optimized for tax purposes and you have the documentation required to support your transfer pricing strategy. We also provide ongoing support to help in the event of transfer pricing controversies.

The rise of crypto currency is creating many opportunities and obstacles for global businesses. As innovative CEOs look to Initial Coin Offerings to provide their companies with new ways to raise capital, many businesses are launching their ICOs offshore Crypto businesses must still pay taxes on the revenue created through the token sales and these ventures come with new tax planning and accounting challenges. Aprio, has been providing cryto audit, tax and consulting services to companies for over five years. This experience has enabled us to develop planning strategies that help companies navigate the domestic and international challenges associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain accounting. These strategies include utilizing Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) tax law to offset the income derived from offshore ICOs. Also, our international tax professionals can assist you and your company in minimizing the negative impact of the global intangible low-tax income (“GILTI”) rules.

At Aprio, our goal is to help our clients achieve the lowest global effective tax rate legally possible. We work closely with you to help your company achieve and maintain profitable growth.

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When your business spans borders, you need an effective advisory team to guide your company toward success. At Aprio, we have the knowledge, experience, and partnerships necessary to help your business establish a global tax strategy that meets both immediate and long-term goals. Our multifaceted approach ensures that your company maintains tax compliance no matter where you do business, minimizes your tax burden around the globe, and increases your cash flow.

Aprio may be based in Georgia, but our international team has a comprehensive understanding of tax matters around the globe. Our industry-related expertise spans borders, too. Over more than six decades in business, our tax advisory team has worked with companies in both long-established industries like financial services and real estate development as well as new startups in the technology industry.

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