Dentists: 7 Steps to Create a Legacy That’s Built to Last

Dental office equipment

At a glance The main takeaway: Many dentists are preoccupied with the here and now of running their practices, but advance planning is paramount to creating a legacy they can pass down through generations. Impact on you: There are several steps dentists can take to lay a strong financial foundation, from estate planning and insurance…

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To Sell or Not to Sell? Best Practices for Assessing a DSO Offer

business consultation meeting

At a glance The main takeaway: Having an offer on the table from a dental service organization (DSO) can be exciting but it’s important to analyze every aspect of the deal, roles and responsibilities, and potential expectations before signing on the dotted line. Impact on your practice: Not only should the DSO’s offer meet your…

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Q2 2022 | Dental Economic Update Video

Trent Watrous Economic Update Video Thumbnail

In this video, Trent Watrous, Partner with Aprio’s Dental Practice Services, sits down with Caroline Galbraith, Director of Aprio Wealth Management and Simeon Wallis, Aprio’s Chief Investment Officer to go over the current market and what business owners like you can be to maximize your business opportunities. Please schedule a consultation with one of our…

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Efficient Payment Processes: An Unexpected Game Changer for Dentistry

Woman on an iPad

At a glance Embrace tech-forward payments: Many dentists have been slow to adopt updated payments technology in their practices while the rest of the healthcare industry speeds ahead. Impact on your practice: By offering more payment efficiency through the tools and technology patients are already accustomed to using elsewhere, you can provide them with a…

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5 Critical Tasks Dentists Often Forget  

At a glance Don’t miss the details: Many dentists don’t know they need to prioritize certain business-specific tasks because they are so focused on providing patient care. Impact on your practice: If you overlook key items like sales tax compliance, payroll taxes or updating your employee handbook, you could subject your business to unnecessary risks.…

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Before Buying a Dental Practice, Take These 3 Steps

At a glance The main takeaway: Before buying a practice, dentists must know what type of buyer they are and the practice features they want to prioritize. They also must have their personal finances in order. Impact on your professional and personal goals: By laying the right foundation and developing a big-picture strategy ahead of…

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