Timeline for Campus Candidates in Public Accounting

September 16, 2019

When should you start applying for internships and full-time positions? The answer depends on your industry, but we will focus on the public accounting field. It is important to have an understanding of when you plan on finishing your 150 credits, as many firms will inquire to determine your eligibility. Why 150 credits? See AICPA’s explanation. Each firm might have a slightly different timeline, but below is a general timeline for when students should start applying to Aprio:

Put your all into the fall!

Full-Time Positions

If you are graduating soon, congratulations! You are in the final stretch. While entering your final year and finishing up your 150 credits, it can be nerve-wracking to have to think about what your future may hold. Unlike some of your peers in other industries, interviews for full-time positions in the public accounting space occur in the fall for a post-graduation start date. That means that the beginning of your fall semester is the prime time to do your research and start sending out your applications.

At Aprio, we open our entry-level associate positions in tax and audit in the summer for those expecting to complete 150 credits in 2020. Interviews occur in October, so be sure to apply in September!


Planning on completing 150 credits in 2021? You should be focused on securing an internship for the upcoming spring (busy season) or summer. For internships, you should apply no later than September! These positions tend to fill up fast, so the earlier you do your research and start applying, the better your chance is of having your application be considered.

Aprio offers a busy season internship in either tax or audit for students who want to gain hands-on experience during the busy season. We also offer a summer rotational internship for those who would like to gain experience in both service areas, rotating between tax and audit during the program. Although it may seem far away, it is best to start doing your research and applying for these internships when they become available. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity!

Use the spring to find your thing


Aside from full-time offers and internships, many firms also offer externship programs for those still early in their search and not yet eligible for their internships. Externships are excellent opportunities to learn more about the field and shadow working professionals.

The Aprio Accelerate Externship program is available for 2022 graduates who are interested in learning more about public accounting and careers in tax and audit. During this program, our externs get the chance to interview for our internship positions for the following year. If they secure a spot, they don’t have to worry about finding an internship for the following spring or summer!

We hope this general timeline gives you more insight on when it is best to start your search for a job, internship, or externship. It is never too early to start your search. Get out there, get connected, and get informed. We wish you the best of luck in your search!

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