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Experienced state sales tax consulting services

Whether your startup company is considering expanding beyond state lines or your mature business has branches across the nation, maintaining sales tax compliance becomes more challenging every day. The state and local tax landscape continues to evolve as digital transactions transform the way we conduct business, and jurisdictions continue to update their guidelines and thresholds to generate additional revenue.

Aprio knows how complicated maintaining sales tax compliance can be, even for companies that do business in only a handful of states. Our dedicated state and local tax (SALT) group focuses solely on this complex area. Our knowledgeable advisors have a deep understanding of both sales tax nexus rules and business and product taxability guidance in all 50 states, and our SALT group’s reliable and practical advice ensures that you understand your company’s liabilities and maintain compliance no matter where you do business.

At Aprio, we’re committed to providing knowledgeable sales tax consulting services so that your business can manage profitable growth. Aprio understands this because, we’ve been growing since 1952. Today, we’re the largest Georgia-based independent, full-service CPA-led business advisory firm. With more than 420 experienced partners and associates and a dedicated SALT group, we’re at your service, no matter how complex your state and local sales tax needs may become.

Discover how a sales tax accountant and consultant from Aprio can support your industry leadership goals.  Our team has deep experience in industries such as technology, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, retail/e-commerce, and construction, providing guidance for startup ventures and established companies alike. Learn how our sales tax consulting services can help your business succeed, and find out how to begin working with our dedicated SALT group.

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How Aprio provides experienced sales tax advisory services

At Aprio, we know that understanding sales tax liabilities and maintaining compliance can be much more challenging than they seem, whether you run a brick-and-mortar company or an e-commerce business. Technology and online commerce are changing the way companies do business across the nation, but SALT rules have been relatively slow to respond to these new conditions, creating growing uncertainty and risk for businesses.

At the same time, many states have become increasingly aggressive in generating revenue, causing them to alter the guidelines that determine which companies are liable for filing returns and paying sales tax. In fact, many states constantly amend their sales tax laws to adopt new regulations that affect what types of products and services are taxable while simultaneously advancing their enforcement of sales tax compliance.

If your business has recently expanded, or if you’re considering purchasing or selling a company operating in multiple states, you may unknowingly generate sales tax exposure that could prove costly later. After all, your business could be liable to remit sales tax, even if you didn’t collect it from the purchaser. Since sales tax can add up quickly but proves nearly impossible to collect after the transaction, Aprio’s SALT team offers comprehensive sales tax advisory services to businesses ranging from startups to mature organizations.

Aprio’s SALT group takes a proactive approach to sales tax matters to assist your company in achieving and maintaining compliance with state and local sales tax laws. We first assess how each state classifies your organization’s transactions, whether you deal with products or services. Our knowledgeable advisors then determine whether your transactions are taxable where you do business and at what rate. To lower your tax exposure, we’ll also evaluate your transactions for exemptions and assist you with generating documentation to support exempt sellers, purchasers, products, or services.

Our experienced SALT team knows that sales tax matters are rarely straightforward. Our advisors guide you through nexus, which affects whether your company has enough presence in a state to require collecting and remitting sales tax. We provide assistance with complex sales tax nexus issues that may arise due to:

  • New economic nexus rules
  • E-commerce sales through marketplace providers (e.g., Amazon FBA)
  • Affiliate relationships with out-of-state companies
  • Contract employee engagements
  • Traveling sales representatives conducting business across state lines
  • Trade show participation outside your company’s home state.

When you consult with Aprio’s SALT team, you can be assured that your business will understand, achieve, and maintain sales tax compliance. Our dedicated advisors constantly monitor sales tax legislation to ensure that your company recognizes liabilities, minimizes exposure, and sustains compliance, no matter how frequently the requirements change. If your business aims to expand its operations or grow its revenues rapidly, Aprio’s experienced SALT team provides guidance and proactive advice that will give your organization added peace of mind.

Aprio’s dedicated sales tax accountant team is on your side

Whether your startup is entering a substantial growth phase or your established business already has multiple offices across the country, Aprio can provide the guidance you need to understand your sales tax liabilities and maintain compliance. Our dedicated SALT group is committed to putting our knowledge and experience to work for your company, no matter your organization’s industry, size, or stage of business.

Since sales tax liabilities can accumulate quickly, we generally advise our clients not to postpone pursuing sales tax consulting. Constantly changing sales tax guidelines affect businesses in almost every industry, from e-commerce and software as a service (SaaS) to retail and hospitality, whether your organization generates significant revenue or your company isn’t yet profitable.

As one of the largest SALT practices in the Southeastern United States, Aprio’s SALT team has a high-level understanding of the importance and impact of sales tax compliance. Our dedicated advisors look forward to guiding your team through the complexities of sales tax nexus, taxability, and compliance so that your business can focus on what it does best.

Ready to put your company’s sales tax issues and compliance in experienced hands? To learn how our advisors can assist with your business’s sales tax needs, contact  Jeff Glickman by phone at 770-515-9646 to discuss Aprio’s state and local tax services.

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