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Advance to the next level with an Aprio Fractional CFO

If you lead a business and you’re facing growth opportunities without a full-time chief financial officer (CFO), you don’t have to go it alone.

Aprio’s Fractional CFOs provide strategic insights and hands-on leadership to manage and accelerate growth and increase business value.




Director, CFO Advisory

Align for results and grow with confidence

The guidance of an experienced CFO creates the operational foundations to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Aprio’s Fractional CFOs have a strong track record of helping clients align their organizations to maximize business outcomes. Leverage the resources of a top 50 business advisory and CPA firm to grow with confidence.

Five ways Aprio’s Fractional CFOs support growth

Aprio’s Fractional CFOs partner with CEOs and business owners to navigate high growth, capital raises and M&A transactions from a position of strength.

  • 1

    Build relationships

    Gain the confidence of bankers, investors and board members.
  • 2


    Proactively manage cash flow and gain access to capital.
  • 3

    Create infrastructure

    Establish the infrastructure for sustainable growth.
  • 4

    Manage profitability

    Define the pathway to profitability and a clear destination.
  • 5

    Make better decisions

    Strengthen financial planning for smarter decisions.

Control costs, drive strategy and get more time to enjoy life

Get your nights and weekends back. Invest in the financial guidance you need for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Your Aprio Fractional CFO will work with you to create efficiencies and define a clear path forward so you can achieve more in less time.

High-growth industry expertise

Aprio’s Fractional CFOs have deep experience in the disruptive industry segments at the forefront of today’s global economy, including Software as a Service and eCommerce.

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Assess your position and prepare for what’s next

Successful growth, transformations and exits require strategic planning and an unbiased understanding of where you stand. Aprio’s readiness assessments provide a clear picture of current operations and the gaps you need to remediate to achieve optimal outcomes.

Aprio’s readiness assessments include:
  • Strategic Business Plan Assessment
  • Finance Organization Assessment
  • Capital Raise Readiness
  • M&A Transaction Readiness
  • Exit Readiness


Accelerate growth and increase value for your business

Partner with an Aprio Fractional CFO.