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Marc Rosentkoetter

Advisory Services Leader

Aprio PPP loan team leadership

Keith Greenwald

Partner-in-Charge, Private Client Services

Better Borrower education creates better outcomes

Managing the Paycheck Protection Program application and forgiveness process has placed significant stress on banks, their service team members and borrowers. Aprio has a proven online solution that can deliver:

  • A better client experience that increases retention and growth
  • Greater banking team member efficiency and less stress
  • Reduced processing time and error rate

Why should you choose to work with Aprio?


Decrease in rate of forgiveness application rejection


Reduction in processing time of forgiveness applications


Aprio has created an online PPP loan resource center that provides the step-by-step PPP loan guidance and instructional support borrowers need to navigate the PPP application and forgiveness process with ease and accuracy. Aprio’s solution delivers results and has helped our banking clients achieve national recognition for customer experience.

Your bank’s own online PPP loan resource center

Aprio can help your bank reduce risk and safeguard margin through your branded PPP loan resource center microsite. Educate your customers through curated on demand and ongoing content programs.

On-Demand Content

  • Easily accessible website content:
  • FAQs
  • Documentation and preparation checklists
  • Process infographic
  • 1-2 min instructional or topical videos
  • Recordings of webinars
  • Step-by-step instructional guides
  • Video clips for each of the application fields (on website and/or bank app portal)
  • Instructions for calculating, projecting and tracking loan forgiveness
  • “Loan Forgiveness Organizer”

Ongoing content creation and delivery

Weekly client webinars clarifying PPP rules including:

  • Program overview
  • Eligible costs
  • Forgiveness reductions (FTEs, wages, etc.)
  • Application selection
  • Eligibility for round 2 and calculating borrowing capacity

PPP Loan Forgiveness Services for Banks



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