From Bitters to Suites

November 16, 2023

On this episode of Dana Delivers, Dana is joined by Christa Cotton, the Georgia-born CEO of the cocktail brand El Guapo. Christa shares a bit of her journey from advertising to Top Chef to entrepreneurship, and how she’s turned El Guapo from a local trademark to a national sensation in just a few years. But don’t think it was all smooth sailing – Christa explains how the pandemic destroyed her big break with Costco and almost ended it all. Tune in to hear more about how this self-described mom-first and entrepreneur-second queen of home cocktails built her empire.

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About the Author

Dana Zukofsky

Dana Zukofsky is the Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality Practice Leader at Aprio, providing advisory, accounting and consulting services to help foster profitability and growth.