What’s Driving Innovation in the Restaurant World?

May 12, 2022

It’s been a long two years for the restaurant business — but according to our guest, Jim Balis, there is a lot to look forward to heading into the end of the year.  

In this episode of Dana Delivers, the CEO of Sizzling Platter and Managing Director of CapitalSpring, a private equity firm that focuses on the restaurant industry, explores how innovation and emerging trends in the space will affect today’s owners and operators. Listen as Jim shares how technological advancements in automation and AI will enhance operational efficiency, and how globalization is creating a richer culinary experience for patrons. Plus, Jim offers his perspective on how the current inflationary environment is affecting the deal world. 

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Dana Zukofsky

Dana Zukofsky is the Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality Practice Leader at Aprio, providing advisory, accounting and consulting services to help foster profitability and growth.