Michael Colavito

State and Local Tax Services | Director | I help businesses in various industries, including technology, retail, government contracting, professional service, construction and non-profits, understand their state and local tax obligations.


Michael Colavito

Who I work with

Multistate tax compliance rules are constantly changing, so I regularly advise CFOs, controllers and business owners on how changes in the state and local tax landscape may impact their business, and if there are strategies to reduce their tax liabilities.

My specialty

I specialize in state and local income tax consulting, where I advise clients on nexus and apportionment issues, along with state and local tax due diligence for buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions. In addition, I also focus on sales and use tax consulting helping clients understand which jurisdictions they will have nexus, taxability analyses, and compliance planning and voluntary disclosure agreement facilitation.

Results I have delivered

Throughout my career, I have reduced local business license tax liability for my clients’ by over $100,000 per year. I have also facilitated state tax voluntary disclosure agreements, resulting in clients avoiding penalties of greater than $500,000.

Unique things about me

My daughter and I recently rode our bikes 100 miles on a cold December day to raise money for Bikes for the World, a great charitable organization based in Maryland that improves access to affordable transportation and promotes sustainable development abroad through donating used bicycles and bicycle parts to select organizations particularly in Africa, Central America and South Asia.

Michael Colavito - Biking
Michael Colavito - Soccer

When I am not at work

I am an avid runner and cyclist. One of my favorite activities is taking a long bike ride on a Sunday morning. My family loves traveling, so a summer trip to a new destination is always a must. Football (i.e., soccer) is my favorite sport, and Liverpool is my team.

People say I am


Detail-oriented, open, honest and driven to provide practical solutions for my clients.

Michael Colavito - Affiliations


I earned a JD from Seton Hall School of Law and a Bachelor of Science from Bridgewater College. I am a member of the New Jersey and D.C. Bar Associations and a member of the Maryland Association of CPAs State Tax Committee.