Steven Podobinsky, CPA, MST   

Tax Director | Advising high-net-worth individuals and growth businesses to achieve financial goals through smart tax planning


Steven Podobinsky
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Who I work with

I work with high-net-worth individuals and growing companies with $5 million in gross revenues that are seeking to expand operations in the United States and abroad.

My specialty

My specialties include individual, partnership and corporate income tax consulting, planning and preparation. I use my audit experience and passion for tax research to help clients successfully navigate complex federal and state tax compliance matters. I lead and mentor a team of 5 tax professionals and leverage the breadth and depth of Aprio’s advisory expertise to help clients achieve their financial goals and business objectives.

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Results I have delivered

I love “tax prospecting” with new clients. I recently reviewed a new client’s prior-year personal and business returns and found over $227K in tax savings they could claim by amending their returns. Then, I discovered the same client qualified for additional savings of over $200K in the current year.

Unique things about me

I once went to the pet store to get bird food and came home with a rescue dog named Charlie.

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When I am not at work

I am an amateur beekeeper and gardener and like tinkering with aquariums and DIY home improvement projects. I also enjoy working out, hiking and cooking — I make a mean deep-dish pizza and chili.

People say I am


Honest, firm and funny

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I earned my Master of Science in Taxation from Fairleigh Dickinson University. I also hold two Bachelor of Science degrees from William Paterson University — one in Accounting and one in Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics. I am a member of the AICPA.