Growing Your Construction Business: The 5 Stages of Development and How to Move to the Next Level

October 1, 2021

Construction companies undergo transformations as they grow in size, complexity and sophistication of operations. For both general contractors and specialty contractors, growth can mean many things. It can look like increasing sales volume in selected market segments. It can also encompass structuring the organization to provide expertise in all facets of construction management in these market segments.

Growing your construction company requires careful planning and skillful execution. Whether you’re just starting out or established in your market, it’s essential to think “big picture” about your business. Our team of specialists has developed an eBook to help you map out your path along the five stages of development:

  • Management
  • Operations
  • Marketing, Bidding & Estimating
  • Finance
  • Moving to the Next Level

Contact Aprio’s Real Estate & Construction team to request a copy of the eBook and start building a foundation of sustainable growth that will take your construction company to the next level.