Demystifying the Initial OASIS+ Draft Request for Proposal

February 1, 2023

By: Jennifer Aubel and Tom Marcinko

In late 2022, GSA released the first draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for its anticipated OASIS+ contract vehicle. Although GSA will issue another draft before the final solicitation hits the street, the initial RFP offers insight into the procurement’s strategic direction. Here are important takeaways on this massive government-wide Professional Services contract:

Open Book Test – OASIS+ follows the latest procurement trend: self-scoring. Requirements vary by domain, but 50 points are available in each. The award threshold is currently 36 points for small businesses and 42 for large. While points are available for systems, clearances, and certifications, the lion’s share come from past performance. Choosing the right qualifying projects (or teaming partner) is essential to success.

No More Velvet Rope – OASIS+ will be less exclusive than its predecessor, which is great news for agencies and contractors. Rather than granting a finite number of awards, bidders meeting the minimum points requirement will win an OASIS+ contract. Additionally, contractors do not need an approved accounting system to bid, they simply cannot compete for cost reimbursement task orders.

Bring Your Friends – The most controversial element of the original OASIS was its prohibition on teaming. OASIS+ will be radically different. Teams and joint ventures can bid, and offerors can also utilize first-tier subcontractors. This allows companies to pool their capabilities and past performance to maximize points. Just don’t use the same qualifying project on more than one offer, or it will get tossed.

Choose Your Own Adventure – OASIS+ includes seven domains: Management and Advisory, Technical and Engineering, Research and Development, Intelligence Services, Enterprise Solutions, Environmental Services, Facilities, and Logistics. The original OASIS required experience integrating multiple domains, but OASIS+ draws a bright line between the domains and each has its own scoring criteria. Contractors can bid on as many domains as they qualify for and add domains via modification.

Embracing New Initiatives – GSA has assumed a leadership position on several new federal initiatives. Two of these are incorporated in the draft RFP – Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission disclosures. OASIS+ awardees must prepare a C-SCRM plan and begin preparing for C-SCRM accreditation.

While GHG disclosures are not required, one point is available to offerors that publicly disclose Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions per the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. An additional point is available for Scope 3 GHG emissions developed in accordance with the same standard or disclosing a science-based reduction target.

What We Still Don’t Know

  • How the use of multiple NAICS codes/size standards within a domain will affect size representations at the contract and order level
  • Whether OASIS+ will be continuously open after the initial competition – GSA officials indicate that it will, but the draft RFP only says they “anticipate conducting frequent on-ramps.”
  • When GSA will open up the Phase II domains – Business Administration, Financial Services, Marketing/Public Relations, Social Services, and Human Capital
  • How many bid protests GAO will receive

Aprio’s Government Contracts Team has been monitoring OASIS+ from its inception and will continue to publish updates as the procurement progresses. To learn more about Aprio’s OASIS+ offerings, contact Tom Marcinko at or 301.231.6237.

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