HA&W Raises the Security Bar, is Among First CPA Firms in Nation to be Accredited as an ISO 27001 Certifying Body

September 22, 2015

HA&W accredited as an ISO 27001 Certifying Body by the ANSI-ASQ Accreditation Board

September 22, 2015- HA&W, LLP has been accredited as an ISO 27001 Certifying Body by the ANSI-ASQ Accreditation Board (ANAB), making it among the first full-service CPA firms in the United States to earn this designation and the first such firm in the Southeast.

“We are very proud to have earned the designation to perform ISO 27001 certification for our clients,” said Dan Schroeder, HA&W’s partner-in-charge of Information Risk Management Services. “Many senior executives understand the need to raise the bar with their security practices. ISO 27001 represents an effective and pragmatic approach to managing cyber security risks.”

ISO 27001 certification is recognized internationally as the most exacting and highest-level security standard that creates the best line of defense against cyber security threats. “As service providers, our clients need assurance that they understand all their relevant cyber-related risks, have deployed a strong risk management program and have the reporting to meet the most demanding requirements of their domestic and international customers,” Schroeder said. This gives those companies a competitive advantage with their stakeholders and ultimately protects consumers’ personal information.

HA&W provides ISO certification reviews for clients in healthcare IT, financial technology and cloud services. By assessing client’s security practices against the ISO 27001 standard, HA&W is not only helping them achieve effective risk management, but is enabling them to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements at the same time,” said Schroeder.

HA&W’s ISO certification program can also streamline the process for clients that are required to conduct other security audits. “ISO 27001 can represent a cornerstone for most security audits or compliance requirements, especially SOC 2 and the HIPAA Security Rule. It can minimize a client’s need to manage multiple audit firms and redundancies in certification requirements, saving them time and duplicate costs,” Schroeder added.

HA&W delivers clients a unified risk management program that includes risk analysis, risk management and on-going monitoring and attestation services against such frameworks as SOC2, PCI Data Security Standard and ISO 27001. A CPA attestation provides clients with the highest level of confidence and peace of mind, offering greater assurance than a report or certification for those clients that need the highest level of assurance available.

For more details about HA&W’s ISO 27001 program and its Information Risk Management Services, visit https://aprio.com/services/information-assurance/.

About HA&W, LLP:

HA&W has been recognized as a “Best of the Best Accounting Firm” in the United States. Since 1952, clients throughout the U.S. and in more than 40 countries have counted on HA&W to build value, manage risk and drive growth. As the largest tax, audit and business advisory firm headquartered in Georgia, our expertise across a broad range of services and industries provides clients with winning financial practices and insights to help them grow at every stage of their business lifecycle.

To learn more about HA&W, visit https://aprio.com.

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