At Mercedes Benz Stadium, Why Adaptation Means Everything in Manufacturing

September 22, 2017

By Richard Kopelman, CEO and managing partner

I love any chance to learn from a wide-ranging group of experts who are passionate about their businesses.

So, I’m excited and proud to help bring together representatives from Mercedes Benz, King Hawaiian, Zac Brown and more to discuss manufacturing innovation – and in the fabulously innovative new home of the Atlanta Falcons, to boot.

That’s what’s happening this Thursday at the Seventh Annual Next Generation Manufacturing Signature Event at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Since our first NGM event, manufacturing has moved from the brink of a renaissance to the forefront of many of our nation’s most high-profile discussions. It has once again become an industry of global prominence, remaining critically important in both the developing and the advanced worlds.

We have learned that innovation comes in many forms. Companies always adapting are able to hold their competitive edge. They lay the groundwork for even more growth.

At NGM, we provide a forum for manufacturers to share best practices relating to innovation, people and processes to create the next generation of manufacturing. Our programming encourages growth through competitive innovation and the building of relationships among manufacturers across all verticals. We provide monthly plant tours, c-level roundtables, and events for women leaders and for young professionals.

At Thursday’s event, we’ll hear from executives sharing their companies’ keys to innovation in a number of manufacturing verticals.

We’ll talk about company culture, cyber liability risks, e-commerce, manufacturing with a mission and more. Sharing their experiences will be leaders from YKK, Protein Plus, Miller Zell, NAECO, Boxercraft and more.

They prove that we can’t rely on old responses in the new manufacturing environment. Adaptation is essential.

Registration is open through Wednesday. Or email Regina Maddox at Next Generation Manufacturing for more information.

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