HA&W, LLP Introduces Payroll Services for Business Clients

January 26, 2016

HA&W Payroll Services, LLC Helps Clients Simplify and Streamline Payroll Administration, From Paychecks to Tax & ACA Compliance

January 26, 2016- HA&W, LLP, a nationally recognized tax, audit and business advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta, has launched HA&W Payroll Services to help its business clients simplify payroll administration, save time and manage ACA compliance risks.

“Today’s tax and regulatory environment is very complex, and the risk of making costly errors is higher than ever,” said Richard Kopelman, CEO and managing partner at HA&W. “Payroll Services combines our deep expertise as business advisors with a high level of client focus to make managing the monthly payroll seamless and headache free. Not only do we handle every step required from payroll preparation to deposit, but we do it with the corporate tax return in mind. That can save time when it’s time to file.”

With full visibility into a client’s finances, from tax compliance to payroll, HA&W is able to provide proactive guidance and advice on tax credits, retirement planning and business planning that will lead to better decision making by clients.

Our Payroll Services include paycheck preparation and processing, PTO management, payroll administration (onboarding, garnishment management, employee termination), time and attendance, HR software, tax credit services, ACA compliance and reporting, and payroll-related tax compliance, including payroll tax reporting and filing federal, state and local payroll taxes.

For more information about HA&W Payroll Services, contact sales at sales@hawpayroll.com or 404-961-8420, or visit https://aprio.com.


HA&W has been recognized by Inside Public Accounting as a “Best of the Best Accounting Firm” in the United States. Since 1952, clients throughout the U.S. and in more than 40 countries have counted on HA&W to build value, manage risk and drive growth. As a nationally-recognized tax, audit and business advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta, our expertise across a broad range of services and industries provides clients with winning financial practices and insights to help them grow at every stage of their business lifecycle.

To learn more about HA&W, visit https://aprio.com.

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