Ed Deck, CPA   

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Multi-family project being completed, aerial perspective showing construction activity and finished sections.

Who I work with

As a partner in Aprio’s Real Estate and Construction Practice, I work with a broad range of clients from small “closely-held” businesses and their owners to large corporate clients of real estate development, construction and management companies, particularly in the multi-family housing industry.

My specialty

I’m known for my real estate industry knowledge and spend much of my time on partnership deal structuring, financial reporting and strategic tax planning. I have considerable experience structuring, financing and implementing equity offerings, as well as tax-exempt bond offerings relating to multi-family developments. Here are a few highlights of how I have helped clients:

  • Advised client during acquisition/rehab of senior apartment facility financed with tax-exempt bonds and low-income housing credits which generated investment proceeds of $5.6 million.
  • Assisted client in the acquisition of an investor partner interest and sell 3 real estate properties that generated over $20 million in proceeds.
  • Assisted client during property acquisition and subsequent year 15 qualified contract price submission to the state agency.

Unique things about me

  • I earned my BBA degree from the University of Alabama


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When I am not at work

I enjoy spending time with family and friends.