Scott Hagaman, CPA   

As a tax partner, I advise executives of nonprofit organizations and high-net worth owners of closely held businesses in real estate, construction and retail.

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Who I work with

I work with executives of nonprofit organizations and high-net-worth owners of closely-held businesses in industries including real estate, construction and retail. I also supervise and mentor Aprio professional team member’s supporting engagements.

My specialty

I help clients navigate the complexities of tax, accounting and financial statement preparation through research and advisory services. I have extensive experience advising corporations, partnerships and individuals on income tax planning and preparation. One of my specialties is advising nonprofits. I help them clearly present their financial achievements in annual reports, establish KPI’s to evaluate performance and adopt best practices for their financial operations.

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Results I have delivered

I live to help my clients thrive. In a recent tax planning engagement, I helped an S Corporation client save over $700,000 in federal income tax by advising the negotiation to sell business assets and elect to pay state tax on the gain at the corporation level instead of the usual personal tax level.

Unique things about me

I appreciate sitting still and taking in the beauty around me… for a short while. My hobbies include tinkering with tools for home improvement or gardening projects. I also enjoy canoeing whether it’s in the lake across the street or going canoe camping in remote places in the Adirondacks.

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When I am not at work

One of my favorite roles is being a grandpa. Outside of work, I spend time with my grandson visiting our lake house.

People say I am


Responsive, caring, patient, good listener.

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I earned my Bachelor of Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Accounting. I am a licensed CPA in both New York and New Jersey. I am a member of NJSCPAs and NYSCPAs, and a past board member and treasurer of my local lake association.