Tom Stowe, CPA   

Dental CPA | Business Advisor | Partner, Aprio National Dental Practice

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Who I work with

I work exclusively with dental practice owners and associates looking to either build a practice from the ground up or to purchase an existing practice. I use my experience structuring practice transitions to deliver significant tax savings and position my clients for success. I understand that most dental practice owners soon discover that on top being a skilled clinician they must also become the CEO of a business. I stand beside my dental clients as a proactive business advisor to help them identify and achieve their professional and personal financial goals.

My specialty

My specialties include strategic tax planning, practice benchmarking and dental practice profitability consulting to accelerate business goals and manage risk. My 30 years as a CPA have been driven by my passion for helping my clients understand the business side of their practices. I have a unique ability to explain financial statements, overhead, and profitability in a way that clients can understand. And I love turning brilliant dentists into brilliant businesspeople.

I spend my days in strategic planning meetings with clients and providing immediate responses to complex tax matters associated with practice transitions. I enjoy answering questions for dentists seeking a new CPA like:

Why should we choose a dental specific CPA?
How often will we meet?
What can you do to minimize my taxes that a general CPA can’t do?


Unique things about me

I am a former Charlotte Police Officer, and I volunteer with Prison Ministries through my church.
After graduating from UNC Charlotte, I began my career in public accounting at Deloitte.
Following our lifelong goal of owning our own CPA firm, my wife, Amanda and I started our first dental-specific CPA firm in Atlanta. We then sold the practice and moved to Charlotte to be closer to family.
We founded Stowe & Stowe CPAs, PA in Charlotte and grew the practice to serve over 100 dental practices in seven states before joining Aprio.

When I am not at work

In my free time, I enjoy visiting our college-aged children for college football games, hiking, traveling, fishing and playing tennis. I serve my community by performing pro bono accounting and tax services for nonprofits and volunteering with the “Hope Cancer Ministries.” I am a member of the following professional organizations:

Institute of Dental CPAs
Practice Valuation Study Group
NC Association of Certified Public Accountants.

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People say I am

I am sincere, honest and a straight shooter. My clients know I always have their best interests at heart and will help them to continually improve the health of their practice.


sincere, honest and a straight shooter