Title Agents and Lenders Across the U.S. See Value in HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess, Providing Assurance for ALTA Best Practice Certification

January 27, 2016

HA&W certifies 26 more title agencies as compliant with ALTA Best Practices

January 27, 2016- HA&W, LLP announced today that it has certified 26 more title agencies as compliant with ALTA Best Practices. These agencies, along with more than 300 others, have been working with HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess® Program. HA&W worked with ALTA, the AICPA and title agents to develop its distinctive ALTA compliance testing. It was also the first CPA firm in the nation to perform ALTA Best Practices compliance benchmarking, readiness and reporting across all seven ALTA Best Practice Pillars.

AICPA standards allow lenders to directly rely upon attestation engagements such as ComplianceSuccess®. AICPA standards do not, however, allow third parties such as lenders to directly rely upon agreed-upon procedure or consulting engagement certifications provided by many in the ALTA compliance industry. ComplianceSuccess® gives title agents a real advantage in the marketplace as well as increased comfort in their own risk management. HA&W’s attestation-level engagements are required to be totally independent, giving lenders even greater confidence in an agent’s compliance.

HA&W provides a wide array of ALTA compliance reports including: CPA reviews, CPA examinations, SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports and ISO 27001 certifications. For a small agency, the reviews start as low as $4,000, this includes an initial benchmark that acts as a readiness assessment. An examination adds HA&W’s CPA opinion along with increased onsite testing. SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports, along with ISO 27001 certifications, meet the needs of the largest and most sophisticated agencies.

HA&W stands with its clients by only issuing attestation-level ALTA compliance certificates, unlike other CPA firms in the market. Our services are the gold standard, as non-attest reports do not provide an opinion and do not follow the assurance standards of the AICPA.

Firms that have recently achieved ALTA Best Practices certificates through HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess® Program include:

  • Bell & Alexander Title Services, Inc.
  • Benkwith & Heard, P.C.
  • Biskobing Law, P.C.
  • Coleman Talley LLP
  • Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C.
  • Delta South Title, Inc.
  • Express Abstract Services, Inc.
  • Foundation Title and Escrow Series, LLC
  • Integrity Land Services LLC
  • Great American Title of Houston, LLC d/b/a Great American Title Company
  • Jacob Hirsch Law, PLLC
  • Jeffrey A. Watkins, PC
  • Johnston, Moore & Thompson
  • Jones & Milwee, LLC (n/k/a Jones, Milwee & Cameron, LLC)
  • Julien K. Byrne, III, Attorney at Law
  • Le Fleur de Lis Title Company, LLC and Jeff LeSaicherre, LLC
  • Market Title, LLC
  • McDonald, Long & Johnston Escrow, LLC
  • Monroe Title, LLC
  • National Land Tenure Company, LLC
  • NLS Title Abstract, LLC
  • North Delta Title Company, Inc.
  • Property Title, Inc.
  • Sandbar Title, LLC
  • Sargent’s Title Company, LLC
  • Walker Title, LLC & Jeffrey J. Walker, PA d/b/a Walker DiVenere Wright, Attorneys at Law

“With TRID in full swing, more and more title and settlement professionals see the need for ALTA Best Practices compliance certification,” said Lee Fields, managing director of Business Consulting Services at HA&W. “By achieving compliance and providing lenders with timely CPA attestation certification, those agencies have demonstrated both leadership to the title insurance industry and also solid risk management to their lenders. They have also gained a real competitive advantage in the market.”

For more information about HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program, visit http://www.compliancesuccess.com or call 1-844-848-6529.


Working with hundreds of companies nationwide on ALTA Best Practices testing and reporting, HA&W, LLP is the leading CPA firm in the nation to provide ALTA Best Practices compliance benchmarking, readiness and certification reporting through its ComplianceSuccess Program. The program provides independent third-party assurance using CPA professional standards on attestation reporting, trusted by banking and financial institutions. Our fast track approach will assess your current level of compliance and provide you with a remediation plan in five business days. Our process delivers the best price point to achieve compliance, offering complete compliance benchmarking and reporting across all seven ALTA Best Practices Pillars. To ensure our ComplianceSuccess Program is in lock step with industry standards and requirements, HA&W is actively involved at the highest level with ALTA, the AICPA, underwriters and most important, our clients.

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