Webinar: 60-Day Aligning Your Operations to the “New Normal”

June 22, 2020


Watch Part 2 of Aprio’s 30-60-90 Day Treatment Plan for Your Dental Practice Webinar Series where our panelists offer methodologies for aligning your practice with the shifting economy and a roadmap to preparing your practice for the newfound reliance on digital strategy. Webinar Topics:

  • Essential Practice Marketing strategies to enable a full and speedy recovery
  • Patient and employee PPE safety preparation and recommendations
  • Strategies for overcoming human resources and staffing obstacles


  • Brad McKeiver, National Dental Leader, Aprio
  • Ark Rozental, Chief Behavioral Economics Officer, Aprio
  • Ben Shaver, Business Coach, Ben Shaver Consulting
  • Michael T. Williams, DMD

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