The IRS is Preparing to Audit ERC Claims – Are You Ready?

At a glance Aprio’s experienced ERC team is prepared to help you respond to an IRS audit and defend your ERC claim. Connect with us today to begin preparing your response. The full story In March of 2020, Congress enacted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (Cares) Act, which, among many relief provisions, created…

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Up to $26K Per Employee! What’s the Catch with the ERC?

Corporate meeting where 3 individuals review documents

At a glance The full story: In the mail. On the radio. In your Facebook feed. Ads for the employee retention credit (ERC) are everywhere. Perhaps you’ve had the same thought that I have when reading or listening to these urgent prompts to get your ERC credit now – the IRS wants to give me…

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Private Equity Firms: Get a Tax Credit Worth up to $19K Per Employee

The ERC is an immediate cash lucrative benefit that can help support portfolio companies of PE firms’ growth goals through 2021 and beyond and is a cash benefit increasing Return on Investment to your owners and shareholders. To find out if you are eligible, watch this short video featuring Aprio experts Michael Levy and John Santamour.…

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