David Recchion, MBA, CEPA   

Risk Management Advisory Leader | Advisory Services Partner

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Who I work with

I partner with C-level executives, business owners and audit directors in privately held companies in every industry with annual revenues from $100 million to $750 million. There are four key indicators that dictate the need for my services:

High-growth or overperformance
Increasingly complex business models
Underperformance or adverse events
Plans to transfer ownership within 5-10 years

My specialty

I have 30+ years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies, and my specialties include risk management, internal audit and process improvement. Simply put, I help clients identify and mitigate strategic, financial, compliance and operational risks before they impact their organizations.


Results I have delivered

Risk management services can help you gain greater insight into your financials, improve the performance of accounting and other key functions, and can inform succession planning and successful exit strategies.

Unique things about me

I spent 12+ years at EY and helped develop their risk advisory services strategy. I have been on the TODAY Show and interviewed on national TV by Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity and Matt Lauer. Oh, and I was the Jury Foreman in the federal case of the U.S. versus John Edwards.

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When I am not at work

I love spending time with my family and grandchildren. We love travel and have family in Italy, so that has made the country one of our favorite travel destinations.

People say I am


Engaging, genuine, approachable and fun