Leslie Rothstein Zeid, CPA, MBA   

Partner | Outsourced Accounting | I am a financial management professional with broad finance and accounting experience working with a team of accountants to provide timely and accurate financial information.

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Who I work with

I work with nonprofit organizations, typically 501c(3)s and 501c(4)s, with revenue in the $5–$30 million range looking for assistance with GAAP-compliant outsourced accounting and grant-compliant accounting.

My specialty

I specialize in GAAP-compliant accounting for nonprofit organizations, audit schedule preparation, and identifying and correcting prior-year accounting issues and errors.

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Results I have delivered

I analyzed, assessed and corrected 2 years of incorrect accounting for a $15 million multi-entity organization leading to financial audits. I assessed and corrected accounting, converted an organization to a cloud-based accounting system and added additional technologies to create accounting efficiencies for a religious organization. I developed a forecasting methodology for associations to plan annual results and report to their board of directors. I also corrected and redesigned an accounting system to provide compliant grant accounting.

Unique things about me

I used to sing in a band, and I sang the national anthem at a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards.

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Leslie at a concert

When I am not at work

I am a big music fan and LOVE musical theatre (yes, I am one of those musical theatre nerds). I enjoy theatre and attending concerts and shows. I also love the gym, especially my Zumba classes. I love spending time with my family, especially having family dinners and seeing concerts together.

People say I am


I am known for being passionate, honest and relationship-driven.



I earned my Bachelor of Accountancy from Florida International University and an MBA from the University of Maryland, Smith School of Business. I am a CPA in the State of Maryland and a member of the Greater Washington Society of CPAs (GWSCPA) Nonprofit Task Force and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).